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Free software I use. Feel free to ask questions. I’ll help if I can.

Some of these titles have PRO versions that do ‘more’ for a fee – I do not use them but they may be appropriate for others in different situations. Also, most free versions are for non-commercial use only – businesses have to buy full versions.

General Software | Web Software | Security Software

General Software


Friends don’t let friends use IE. Get Chrome save yourself a ton of hassles.
(Yes, I used to promote Firefox but in Windows 7 it did nothing but crash over several versions – so I switched.)



Third party e-mail reader. Been using this for decades now. Supports multiple POP3 within one identity and multiple identities.


Get Trillian, the Swiss Army Knife of Instant Messagine

If you instant message across several services, Trillian allows you to access them all through one interface. Pick up Yahoo IM, AIM, ICQ, MSN – all from one application. Contacts can be grouped into different categories across IM platforms. I have not had any issues with this software crashing WindowsXP. It runs unobtrusively in the background and pops up when someone pings me. Supports multiple away messages.

Web Software


Creates the HTML structure, thumbnails and background coding for web albums. Free for non-commercial use. Can upload to Jalbum’s site or to your own domain via the embedded FTP client or use a third party FTP client. Multitudes of slick skins. Basic image editing, watermarking.


Coffee Cup Free FTP

Easy side-by-side look of your computer and host. Supports multiple secure hosts/logins over SFTP, FTPS and HTTPS – will also upload over unsecured FTP, but why would you want to?



For web designers or graphic artists – determine the color of any pixel on your screen in hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK or HSV values. Never guess at a color again or settle for ‘close enough’.

Security Software

Zone Alarm

Free firewall software – an alternative to Windows firewall. Caution: will not work with McAffee.


Avast Anti-Virus

Free Anti-Virus software.



Free spyware removal tool. Run weekly or monthly to assure nothing creepy has invaded your machine.