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Blue Jacket Brewery

February 15th, 2014 by kimly

Blue Jacket Brewery

300 Tingey St SE, Washington, DC 20003 ‎

[on the corner of 4th and Tinget – 1 block south and 1 block east of the Navy Yard Metro exit]

February 7, 2014 – 4 adults

Arrived 4.30pm to rather crowded bar. We were surprised as most places we try usually don’t start to get crowded until well after 5pm. The two plus story open factory make for loud acoustics, talking with a larger group would be hard. We found one spot at the bar and grabbed a second when other patrons left. Would have been more than happy to grab a burger here for dinner but no more seats opened up. We will be back, hopefully earlier so we have a place to try things like their cheese board and some of the less finger friendly foods.

Blue Jacket does 4 oz. tasting pours of all their brews. Nice option to try a variety of beers in one outing. All tastes served in white wine glasses. Full pours are served in glasses appropriate for their style. The staff was seemed very knowledgeable and engaging without being hovering, something not all establishments can master.

Between us, we tried:
THE FIX: vanilla coffee brown ale / ABV 5.4% / IBUS 42.5 / TEMP 55 F / NONIC PINT 16 OZ (my favorite of the night)
THE REDHEAD: hoppy red ale / ABV 5.0 % / IBUS 40 / TEMP 55 F / NONIC PINT 16 OZ
NU ORDER imperial brown w/hazelnuts / ABV 9.5 % / IBUS 48 / TEMP 54 F / SNIFTER 12 OZ (sounds better than it was; disappointed I didn’t enjoy this more)
BAKER’S DOZEN spiced session apple ale / ABV 4.0 % / IBUS 30 / TEMP 42 F / NONIC PINT 16 OZ (I wasn’t a fan of the apple varieties – not surprising as I tend to go much much darker)
THE BETTY imperial apple crumble ale / ABV 8.6 % / IBUS 22 / TEMP 54 F / SNIFTER 12 OZ (one of us called this his favorite of the night and then stuck with it for a couple of full pours)
STICKY SITUATION smoked bacon brown / ABV 6.8 % / IBUS 26 / TEMP 48 F / SNIFTER 12 OZ (surprisingly good – 2 of us commented that the bacon doesn’t hit you until the end, after you swallow, then the essence leaves you with the taste of bacon)
ZOUAVE bitter belgian blond / ABV 5.9 % / IBUS 65 / TEMP 42 F / TULIP 13 OZ
SEERSUCKER berliner weisse / ABV 3.5 % / IBUS 8.1 / TEMP 42 F / TULIP 13 0Z

We tried 2 two of their bar snacks: House Tots served with ketchup – very good: crispy outside with a traditional textured middle, and their Beer Pretzels – well worth the 12 minute bake time. These were awesome but it was our group’s opinion they would be better served with beer cheese rather than the beer mustard. This was really our only complaint concerning the things we drank and ate. Totally minor but worth noting.

Total Cost: $60 including tax (10%) and tip (20%)

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