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A Christmas Timpano

December 31st, 2011 by kimly

Made another Timpano over Christmas weekend. Made a much smaller one this time – only 1 pound of pasta instead of 2. Also used about a pound of ricotta and a pound of mozzarella. Plus meatballs, a chicken breast (sliced), prosciutto, parm. Covered the pasta in pesto – worked out much better than the meat sauce. The ricotta was also very dry, so make sure to squeeze out a lot of the liquid. Between these two changes the baked result was significantly drier. A 45 minute rest time and it sliced perfectly. Also only took one pound of pizza dough with a bowl this size. Served to 5 adults and could easily feed 2-4 more.

The prosciutto added little to the end product; wouldn’t use it again. Salamis do not add anything to the dish for me – your mileage will vary. Also didn’t miss the hard boiled eggs. Had some red sauce to put over the slices once served – that was also a hit.

Definitely an impressive meal to serve for a group… prep time a day or so ahead of time is necessary to cook off all the parts and make the ricotta (I purchased some fresh made but will make my own the next time.)

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