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First Post of 2009

January 3rd, 2009 by kimly

Updated site with some shots taken over the three days Joe, Tracy and the boys were down for Christmas.

Also add another album of pics taken over the Christmas Season to my photo pages.

Also hung a new picture displaying piece of art I received from Lisa for Christmas.

I bought 2 new pieces of photo software before the holidays – Corel had some awesome sales with free shipping. First purchased Photo Album 7 Deluxe. On first glance, I’m unimpressed, glad I only paid $15 for it and not $40. Two initial complaints:

  • The unprompted searching for pictures on all connected drives. I have way to many pics all over the place for this. When I want to access a directory, I’ll pick it. I hate software that tried to think for me.
  • What I loved most about version 6 was the cropping tool. One of my favorite options was ‘square’. Version 7 got rid of it! I haven’t removed 6 from my computer yet just for this one piece of functionality. Is Corel serious that they looked hard and needed to trim down the code and this was what they picked? Awful.

I will have to give this some more time before I condemn it to the trash heap. Maybe it’s just a learning curve thing on my part.

Second, I purchased Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. It lists for $100 but I paid $49 and got a 2GB flash drive. I have been using Paint Shop since Jasc was making it. Powerful enough for me and even at full Corel price WAY cheaper than Photoshop. Anyway, I am installing it this afternoon. I discovered an awesome red eye correction module in the last version so I hope they kept it here. Plus, this supposedly has some advanced image stitching to make panoramas so I look forward to seeing if it lives up to the hype. Stay tuned.

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