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Tasting Room Wine Bar

August 14th, 2011 by kimly

Tasting Room Wine Bar

Wisconsin Place
5330A Western Avenue
Chevy Chase, Maryland

[Across Wisconsin Ave. @ the Friendship Heights Metro Station]

July 21, 2011 – 4pm, 2 people – drinks while trying to catch-up

Met a friend from college here while she was in town. Place has a decidedly modern feel: lots of chrome and black fo-leather. The bar is nestled off the plaza to Wisconsin Place and has a small outside patio. We would have taken up residence there if not for the 100+ temperature.

The place has house wines: white, red and sparkling for $5 a glass during happy hour (4-7pm M-Th; live music on Fri) – we decided on the sparkling, being in the mood for something cold on a blistering day. The waitstaff was attentive without being over bearing as it took us ages to decide on ‘house sparkling’. We were too busy trying to condense our lives since college into such a short period of time. Granted the drink decision was more about getting it out of the way than truly trying to sample what was available. That being said, I look forward to the opportunity to go back as the atmosphere was relaxed and conducive to talking amongst friends. And, although I didn’t ever get the name of the sparkling that was served, I found it to my liking (crisp and light); more of an italian prosecco than a true french champagne.

TRWB serves flights (4, 1 oz. tastes) of either whites or reds (check website for times). They also have a Eno-Card. For a $10 minimum buy in, you can create your own tasting menu of wines (24 total) in 1, 3 or 5 oz servings, self-served from their automated pourers. Insert the your Eno-Card into the dispenser, select the wine and amount and hit the button. Wine is poured and the cost is deducted from the card.

Not a place for a full meal, a limited variety of snacks are available. They were priced decently and I wouldn’t hesitate to try a couple on my next outing.

Total Cost: $20 plus tax & tip (4 drinks) ~$27 total

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