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How I spent my Sunday…

November 23rd, 2008 by kimly

Laundry – as is my norm, nothing special there.

But I also spent the morning making a cranberry-fig chutney.

Two bags fresh cranberries. See entry below on how they’re harvested.

Add: sugar, oranges, chopped, unpeeled… kinda weird if you ask me, but we’ll see if this works out… I am either going to be pleasantly surprised or quite disgusted.

and figs, ginger, onion, cinnamon, hazelnuts – recipe called for pistachios but damned if I could find any shelled, that I was willing to pay for… I needed under 2 ounces, they only had a 12 ounce bad for… wait for it: $10.

Boil til cranberries pop, ladle into jars and
can in a hot water bath.

All done:

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