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FIOS Installation

April 2nd, 2011 by kimly

On April 1 I had FIOS installed, replacing Comcast as my TV and internet provider. Below is the equipment necessary for a connection. The battery back-up (large left side of the inside box) isn’t strictly necessary without phone service but the unit doesn’t come without it. The installation took about 3 hours, below the stated 4-6 hours. The tech mentioned it was due to only having one TV and one computer.

So, why the change? Better price point. Comcast went up again and I was paying almost $110 per month without a DVR. FIOS once all the discounts disappear will be about the same, with a DVR.

Biggest headache? Installing the Media Manager – which allows videos, pictures and music housed on your computer to stream to your TV. I run Windows7 and last night I could not get it installed – would spontaneously fail on start-up. Shutting down/restarting didn’t correct the issue. But this AM I tried again and it works perfectly – no idea about the delay. I blame the gremlins.

I keep the wireless gateway in a solid doored cabinet – doesn’t seem to affect the performance.

Inside Box with Battery Back-up

Inside Power Connection

Outside Box
Wireless Gateway


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