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Product Review: Epson Artisan 810 Printer

November 20th, 2010 by kimly

I purchased a new printer last week. Not because my old one (Espon Stylus Photo R200) crapped out, but because I wanted a scanner. The new one does everything the old one does, including printing directly onto CD/DVDs, plus scans and would fax if I actually had a land line. I had been eying  the 810 but the $300 price tag was a bit steep considering there is nothing wrong with the printer I have. Epson finally hit a price point that was too good to pass up. The unit was on sale for $199 which was a pretty good savings. But the extra $70 off  ‘for one day only’ was the tipping point. Considering I payed $150 for my current printer sans scanner 5 or so years ago, I got a bargain!

New Artisan 810

‘Old’ Stylus Photo R200

I installed the new one for use over my wireless network. Love the fact I don’t need to have the printer next to my computer, nor to I have to have cords across my living room floor. The set-up was well documented for traditional USB connections and network connections (both wired and wireless.) Anyone who has difficulties evidently just jumped in without reading, figuring they just knew what to do.


  • The on-board LCD tilts up for viewing and entering ease
  • The paper tray holds two sizes of paper at once: letter/legal and 4×6/5×7 (or their european equivalents)
  • The scanner has a document feeder
  • The CD/DVD tray is integrated into the unit; no extra tray to misplay or crack
  • Five color and one black ink included; mine even came with an extra black
  • With the output tray and the document feeder closed, the unit has a sleek look

New Artisan 810


  • Large footprint: over 18″ square
  • If it’s like the R200, wont even print in black only if a color cartridge is empty (mom’s HP all-in-one does, and that’s kind of nice)
  • Truly picky: the output tray is a little temperamental to get closed
  • Little awkward getting the media (CDs/DVDs) into the printer tray; doesn’t extend as far as I assumed it would

Since the unit is brand new, I have no idea how it eats ink. My R200 was pretty good. This 810’s cartridges come in standard and high capacity sizes. Epson claims the high capacity gives 60% more printing capability over the standards. My calculations have the price only 53% greater (at Epson’s online store) so they look to be the better deal. The unit ships with the standard sizes for the color and the high capacity for the black (both cartridges.)

Just printed my first items: DVDs I created for my aunt and cousin of the wedding festivities in Jamaica last month. Impressed with the job. Also used the 4×6 printer tray for the first time. Excellent print quality.

New Artisan 810

So far, so good – next time I bring out the netbook, we’ll see how easy it is to add 810 access to it.

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