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Food Porn

September 29th, 2010 by kimly

‘Tis the season… for fresh figs. I was lucky enough to get local ones at the weekly farmers’ market across from my office for a couple of weeks. Alas, those days are over, but my local Giant had them from California when I was shopping yesterday. So, I bough figs. And goat cheese and some brie. Also decided to pick up some lunch meat since since I hadn’t had any in a while.

Which brings us to today; or more exactly, tonight after work. Due to a Metro!fail, happy hour fell through. So as I was sitting in traffic I was day dreaming about dinner. So, I decided on a ham, brie and fig panini. On sourdough, no-less. It was a multi-national dinner!.

As I haven’t done food pics in a while, I decided to use this meal. Discovery: my kitchen lighting sucks. The only thing I’ve done to these shots is crop them.

Building the perfect panini.

Love the textures visible in this shot.

Depth of field study.

On the grill.

Grill marks = love.

Dinner; with a glass of Italian white.

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