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Wine Tasting – Finger Lakes, NY – Oct. 2008

October 5th, 2008 by kimly

I spent 3 days in and around Ithaca, NY with a friend from college – just a short romp since we were both about ready to commit hari-kari. Had some rather good wine and some very bad wine… Found a great place to eat called The Boat Yard Grill.

Was hoping for some spectacular color, but I think we were about 2 weeks too early.

As always, click on the thumbnail to get a full sized picture. Figured I’d start out with some grapes in celebration of the vino!

The next picture is a stitched panorama taken from the Thirsty Owl Winery. We also ate at their little Bistro – food was decent but strangely they put raisins in their coleslaw… we thought that a tad weird. Anyway, I used an automated program to put together this next panorama.

These next two panoramas I stitched manually with Corel Paint Shop Pro X. The first attempt shows obvious issues with blend lines where the individual photos were overlain. The second is much better, but still is problematic in the first and fourth joints. Need to learn how to use the blend tools… They were taken at a rest stop on US 15 right over the Pennsylvania line.

If I get inspired post laundry… I’ll try to post a map of our routes and where the pics were taken.

ETA: Map of my Finger Lakes Excursion

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