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Little Rock Zoo – revisited

June 20th, 2009 by kimly

I was back in Little Rock, AR for 10 days for work, but did have time to drop by the zoo Sunday AM before the crowds and the heat got oppressive.  The full photo album can be found at my photo site, but here are some of my favorites.  I discovered that I never uploaded the shots from the first time I went to this zoo back in 2005. As a contrast, check out the old shots.

New to the zoo is a exhibit of Rainbow Lorikeets. These things love people and will eat out of your hand, perch on your shoulder or head and fight amongst themselves for the ‘best locations’.

This guy was a hoot; growling at anything that passed but too damn lazy to actually move.

This guy cleaned up his act (pic1) compared to the last time I saw him (pics)

Per normal, some of my favorite shots were of flowers:

{the second one is what the first looks like opened}

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